mushroom house


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12 year old elsey’s mushroom house has won shed of the year , when she saved up her money and finally convinced her dad to build it for her.The shed is shaped like a toadstool and has lots of cool features like a trapdoor and a window in the roof to watch the stars , but it wasn’t easy to win as there was tough ¬†competition’s to beat the strange creations like the hedgehog hospital and a secret ¬† base.

Award Winning Mushroom House!


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12 year old Elsie built her own mushroom house and she won the shed of the year trophy. Her friends Elsie wanted that mushroom house. She says”It’s a dream come true.” Her friends think it is amazing. It’s a really nice place to have sleepovers,playing games and watching films. There is a hole in the floor and it is filled with glass. Personally I think it’s a very nice tree house.