Great day at Lego Land !!!


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So on Saturday I went to Lego Land it was amazing time of my life I got to go on a roller coasted I also got a key change and four Lego people I went with my Nanny and Grandad and Sister .

If you want to know more about my day just comment .


Who went to Lego land before ?

FIFA 18 finally!!!


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Finally fifa 18 is out I have got it does anyone else have it pleas comment !!! Also if you  have it share some tips


A significant sweet shop!


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Today I went to a sweet shop in Hillmorton called sweet retreat.It offers you an amazing variety of sweets/candy such as: pick ‘n’ mix, American candy, retro sweets and modern day sweeties.They also sell shmoos (an iced drink available in many different flavours and a range of different toppings as well)

Also, they sell goody bags and different offers and deals from time to time.I suggest you go and check them out

Address and postcode:                                                                                                                                             298 Hillmorton Rd, Rugby CV22 5BW0



Women thought to be a officer has been found dead in lake!


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There has been something fishy around! A women has be found in a lake but not just any women A OFFICER. She was the mother of three young children. The results  have been found on who was cause this horrible case, a 43 year old has been arrested on suspicion of murder. This case happed at 3:45am, the women has been named Leanne Mckie,39, from Greater Manchester Police.



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whats you favorite sweet?

My favorite sweets are jelly beans.

Snape’s push to stardom


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After years of being the most unliked teacher of the Hogwarts family ,actor Alan Rickman was voted the best actor and character in the Harry potter series.

Why you should sing happy birthday while washing your hands.


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People was going to ban tackling


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They were going to ban it because it can cause  headaches sickness

and memory loss

They spoke to rugby people and said they shouldnt band tackling  because theres no point of the game so they didnt

Footballers rating in Fifa!


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Some footballers who have seen there ratings in fifa are not happy about their ratings……

Batch wye  is not happy with his 78 on fifa all he can do is just shake his head at it…

Also ackenfenwa is in the gym trying to get his strength up for the fifa games 😛

Fifa 18


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Fifa 18 is finally here!Everybody has been waiting for this game for ages.I want it so badly.

Here are some reviews: “Great graphics. Love the style!”and even better”Love it”also”Players have rubbish ratings.”

If you sing you are healthy!!!!!!


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Did you know that if you sing happy birthday while you wash your hands you will not get any bugs as in colds flue and your tummy will not hut!

Fun fact


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You’ll never believe this.

Did you know, last week scientists found out that middle aged office workers spend more time sitting down than pensioners! So, if you are one of those people you’d better get up and run about the office and burn some calories! Whilst you are in the office, sitting on a comfy black chair, pensioners are out shopping, walking their dogs or doing some baking. If you didn’t know this fact then please leave a comment and let me know

People made homeless in mexico


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Many people made homeless in mexico because of three tragic earth quakes. no. one with any cloths because there was no time to get cloth if you wanted to survive . Lots of people making shelters and taking cloths for people without cloths ready for the winter

North korea bombing!!


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King John Un threats the USA saying he will shoot down any air craft!From anywhere! They will use their nuclear missiles! Will this be the end of USA? They are in serious danger!

Weird but true !!!


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Did you know that singing happy birthday when you wash your hands is a way to help you stop getting stomach bugs flu ect. This is the only way to get rid of germs and bacteria.If you want to do this you should do this for 20 seconds which is how long it takes a person to sing the birthday song twice. This is also very good for your health

Social media mehem!


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Yep you heard me!social media is becoming a flop.Parents are not happy with their kids going on sites without them looking at the terms and the sites like facebook,twitter and snapchat are priomising to make a smaller terms and conditions page with only a few hundred conclusion parenters are alot happier for their children to enter these sights.

Strange news!


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Dog surfing championships in California were dogs had just 10 minutes to catch as many waves as they could!Points were awarded for how long they stayed on the board and how large the wave was.

In Dubai they are now inventing drown taxi’s with no wheels or a taxi driver ,all it is, is a giant drown that loks a bit like a helicopter with now without a driver/flyer.

spider crab


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Two of the world’s biggest crabs have moved to a sea life centre in the UK.

They’re called the Giant Japanese Spider Crab and are known as Crabzilla!

You would normally expect to see them deep in the Pacific Ocean but now you can find two of them in Birmingham. ha.

Their arrival is pretty special as they’re the only crabs of their kind in the country ( Japan ).

The crabs are huge but they’re not even fully grown yet.

These crabs are known as the cleaners of the sea because they scavenge for rotten flesh.

David Attenborough’s Favourite animal!


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The famous David Attenborough has a favourite  animal is none other than fish,

His favourite type of fish is the cute fish……..clown fish,

seen in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory,clown fish.

Warning for all snap chat users!


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If you have snap chat there is a add on with snap chat called the ghost.It can follow your every move where you are, what time you went on an app, so your friends can follow you but that might not be all it’s for. Snap chat could want to kid – nap your when your home alone! I’m not saying, delete it just disable the ghost!

The White Cliffs


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People where worried about these cliffs getting sold to developers! People tried to donate money to the National Trust. They raised a massive amount of money. They raised the money to save the White Cliffs. The amount of money that they raised was … one million pounds! The cliffs were not sold!

Japanese wildlife


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In the 2011 tsunami, Japanese wildlife was knocked all over the Pacific Ocean. This was found out after various Japanese wildlife was found on the western American coast such as Asian amur sea stars on the coast of Oregon. It’s thought to be the longest sea migration ever recorded. Researchers are still finding new species 6 years after the tsunami. Professor John Chapman’s team has found 289 different species so far, such as clams, crabs, slugs and starfish. Stay tuned for more information!



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Thank you for coming to our web! As you have seen, one of our teachers had also made a post about this. But I just want to help him a little bit more and make an EXTRA one!




Thank you! Please check out my teacher’s posts too 🙂

saturdays football scores


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Crystal palace are at the bottom of the table and lost against Man city 5-0,Man united  won against Southampton 1-0 and Romalu Lukaku has scored 6 goals in 6 games,the champions Chelsea won against Stoke 4-0 and Alvaro Morata scored a hat trick he also has scored 6 goals in 6 games,Tottenham Hotspur  won against premier league rivals West ham 3-2.

mushroom house


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12 year old elsey’s mushroom house has won shed of the year , when she saved up her money and finally convinced her dad to build it for her.The shed is shaped like a toadstool and has lots of cool features like a trapdoor and a window in the roof to watch the stars , but it wasn’t easy to win as there was tough  competition’s to beat the strange creations like the hedgehog hospital and a secret   base.



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                      He took the pictures in space!!!

                      He took 18,711 photoes,one every second and put them all together.It was taken by a saterlighght.

Bikes change the world for girls in Africa.

Now that the bikes are used they wont be late for school,and they used to have to run to school.                                           Girls used to drop out of school because they were late for school.How would you feel if you were like                               this.



A girl with a bike Africa


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A girl had to go on her bike to school each day.She would be late because her school was a long way from home.She would have to be out of school because her home was along way from her house.She donest have time to do her homework because the school is far away from her house.The bike that shes got now has made her her more faster to school.She is now early to get to school.She doest get tied  when she gets to school because she now has a new bike.We have gave 30,000 bikes to kids who need help.

Match of the Day Kickabout: Premier League Round-up


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Did you know that manchester city beat crystal palace 5-0 and crystal palace are the only team with 6 defeats and no goals scored and Chelsea beat stoke city 4-0 with alvaro morata scoring a hattrick.Manchester united beat southampton 1-0 which gives romellu lukaku his 6th goal for the club and goal machine harry kane scoring twice  which wins totenham the match and putting then in 3rd place.



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An astronaut on the international space made this video .He took 18,711 photos,one every second and they put them all together


concussion and rugby:should tackaling be band in schools


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There is a argument going about tackling be band in schools or not becuse it can couse a concustion and people getting heart

strictly come Dancing


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on strictly come dancing is susan calmam from CDDC,chizzy Akudolu from holby city,charlotte hawkins from good morning britan, mollie king who is a singer, joe mcfadden from holby city,jonnie peacock who is paralympic champion and the girls get to see the boys and the girls get to see the boys that they are dancing with.

A girl with a bike in Africa


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A girl had to go on her bike to school each day. She would be late  for school it was a long trip to school running but now she was a bike and then she could not do her homework because the school is too far.The bike she was now takes 30 minutes to get to school and when she gets back from school she does not get tied.She is not the only child that was a bike and the bike helps her future 

Wild dogs who communicate with sneezes!


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These dog live all across Africa.It is important for them to work as a team.When one dog  sneezes that means all of the dogs will go hunting for food.This is the first time sneezing has actually been used!   I think it is crazy how a when a wild dog sneezes it means they will go and hunt for food.Do you think this is crazy?

Bikes change Zimbabwe


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Bikes change Zimbabwe!

The walk was so long people and some people would come to school exhausted and hungry so they had to used bikes

Most girls end up dropping out of school because it is so far away because it leaves them no time to do there homework or help out at home so they have lower grades 

Charity (UK aid) has given people in Zimbabwe bikes so they don’t become late for school.

They have given out 30,000 bikes to people in Zimbabwe.

The people who have been given a bike have been getting better attendance and are performing better in school tests because they have more time to study.

Now people travel on bikes some people get to school in 30 minutes.

Bikes are not just helping them get to school its helping them getting a better future

text time!!!!!!


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It is very hard like to play a very scary face like in the decendes .  of the people from decendes said to us”it is very hard to rap in the movie as it’s very hard to learn and very very hard to learn the parts of the play expecialy the boy’s part when he walks down the table rapping and  (kind of) dancing he was at least moving his hands all around his waist.

They also said that there was lots of dramma and drums.

all time

British team has played very good at their team in football, chealsea snatched victory with their last minute goal against athletik o madrid.


Vicktory was a lot easier as they have won against cska with the score of 4/1 in the first part of the game .

Toe-tally cool wrestling!


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This wrestling is so cool!You just have to … use your toes .Alan Nash is the world champion toe wresterler there is a boy champion a girl champion and even a … junior champ little Rubie . Alan has the most famous and feared toes in the world and taken out 14 toes .The show is no in New Zeland  to south career and even Hollywood.There i lots of training to do which all stars at home.Alan trains all year and is still a champion but Alan is not good at any sport but this hes is the CHAMP.

If you start it you need to do this most important  thing first wash your feet!.But if you don’t you might KILL someone with the pong of your feet.If you train so much you will make your toes will be very  STRONG.IF you decide to do this have fun but be careful

The Lodge


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They play it in the UK in northern Ireland. Its about drama. They work a 12 hour day when its cold or warm. They play allot of table tennis and piano. They love music and dancing they get to know each other more.They played a concert and it was a hit and they had a party to celebrate. The hours were so long ,it is season 2, they have different relationships.Thank you.

Award Winning Mushroom House!


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12 year old Elsie built her own mushroom house and she won the shed of the year trophy. Her friends Elsie wanted that mushroom house. She says”It’s a dream come true.” Her friends think it is amazing. It’s a really nice place to have sleepovers,playing games and watching films. There is a hole in the floor and it is filled with glass. Personally I think it’s a very nice tree house.

Is sneezing a way to cummunicate?


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Now maybe, you might be thinking, “This girl is crazy! You can’t sneeze to communicate!” WAIT! just before you leave my post, did you know that African dogs actually COMMUNICATE by SNEEZING? Maybe you did, or maybe you didn’t. Here, I’ll tell you some things that scientists think about these African dogs that communicate by sneezing:

Now, now, don’t get too exited! I haven’t  said it’s true. Scientists just THINK that’s exactly what the African dogs do. Scientists have studied the animals and found that the African dogs sneeze choose what the pack wants to do. I think it’s true, I even caught video proof of it, but it can be fake!


Comment if YOU think it’s true or not! 🙂


What is happening in Myanmar?


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These are some facts:

 All the people that live in Myanmar have run away to the next door contre of bangledesh.

Some of the people there have no toilets or running water.

And because  they were not expected there most of the have to live in tents with ther children.

There is very little for them because they rushed there and many people need medicon.

Many people have no elictricity and there is  over 1000 people that live there.