Bff group fun times and sad times!!!


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My bff Violeta and i were just playing one day at the school i came up with this group called BFF GROUP im the leader…I added Violeta and Manuela and Rebeka and Krisha and Demi and Emma and  Imogen and all kid of other ppl evan boys :)…we always did fun stuff together i miss that time…we had fun playing games together but something happend Manuela was being mean to Demi and Emma and Imogen Manuela kicked them out when she was not supppose to 🙁 then now they hate us i dont know why???I wish that me Emma and Imogen can be friends again…ITS NICE TO BE NICE! Evan know Emma and Imogen are mean to us now they took all my friends away from me i always smile at them becasue its nice to but i dont think Emma and Immie will be my friend after all that idk how this happend before the holidays when we were in the same class on the last day we were friends but something changed on the holidays i think but i dont know what i thought when we got back from the holidays it would be a fresh new start but i could not get over it…thats all for todays feed see ya soon BLJS IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!

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+ An interesting personal post. I hope your friends sort out their problems.
? What more could you do to help?
-> Read through your post before submitting to check you’re using capitals correctly (eg it should be a capital ‘I’ when talking about yourself), and that you have full stops in to cut the over long sentences.

You are not texting,you should not be using emojies has anyone told you?

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