World record-breaking dogs!!!!


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Check out this record-breaking tounge! It belongs to Mochi who is eight years old,a St Bernard from south Dakota,USA.It measures a gigantic 18.58cm(7.31in).But it is not all fun and games for Mochi having such a long tounge it leads to there being a lot of slobber
and somtimes her tounge can make it difficult to breath easily.

A Japanese dog called Purin has won her second world record, by travelling 10 metres on a ball, in just 11.9 seconds.
She adds it to her other world record, from 2015, when she proved her great paw-eye coordination by catching 14 balls in one minute.

It took 270 dogs to set a new world record in 2016.

The dogs and their owners stretched and twisted in an hour-long ‘doga’ (dog yoga) session in Hong Kong, China, to be part of the biggest ever doga class.

They beat the previous record of 265 dogs, set in San Diego, USA in 2015.

Otto skated his way into our hearts in 2015, when he skateboarded through a ‘human tunnel’ of 30 people.

The bulldog was cheered by a huge crowd in Peru and was given an official certificate for his achievement.

Jiff, a Pomeranian from Los Angeles, USA won fans in 2014 for an unusual talent.

Despite having four legs, Jiff prefers to get around on just two – he stands up on his back legs, or balances on his front, like a handstand.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s speedy as well! He can travel five metres in just under eight seconds on his front paws, and is even quicker on his hind legs, doing the same distance in less than seven seconds!


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