Girl’s day


Posted by Demic | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 04-10-2017

when you have a girl’s day you have to find something fun to do like chase each other and play in the hut .If it is just you and your friends then it will be so fun i like playing with Daisy,paige ,sandra and carla ¬†they are all really funny a girls day is really fun.I like playing stuck in the mud and balldogs also we like to chase people it is so much fun but a girls day is where you play with just girls and not boys also i like to play with the play rangers because they do fun games with you.

Sometimes we like to sit sit down and talk to each other about after school and what we are doing we have lots of fun together.Also it is amazing when we all spend time with each other and chat it is so fun.And that is what we do most of the time.Today was really fun at lunch and break.

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