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Today I went to a sweet shop in Hillmorton called sweet retreat.It offers you an amazing variety of sweets/candy such as: pick ‘n’ mix, American candy, retro sweets and modern day sweeties.They also sell shmoos (an iced drink available in many different flavours and a range of different toppings as well)

Also, they sell goody bags and different offers and deals from time to time.I suggest you go and check them out

Address and postcode:                                                                                                                                             298 Hillmorton Rd, Rugby CV22 5BW0



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Hey my friend Grace bought us some sweets from there its really cool my favourite sweet from there is the huge gobstopper whats yours ?

+Thank you for the address it will be helpful when I fancy a sweet treat!

?What is your favourite sweet? Mine is jelly babies.

->Make sure that your commas are there.

How cool is that! Do they do do apple sours ! I love them?!

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