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12 year old elsey’s mushroom house has won shed of the year , when she saved up her money and finally convinced her dad to build it for her.The shed is shaped like a toadstool and has lots of cool features like a trapdoor and a window in the roof to watch the stars , but it wasn’t easy to win as there was tough ¬†competition’s to beat the strange creations like the hedgehog hospital and a secret ¬† base.

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Hello from Canada:
This is an interesting and internationally-visited blog. I like the flags showing all your visitors. Now I hope to see the Canadian flag there too.

I enjoyed reading your postings about news , the Japanese tsunami sea creatures, Elsie’s mushroom
House and many others.

I live in Calgary in Alberta near the Rocky Mountsins in Western Canada. I love Scotland and visited Rugby a few years ago. I was just visiting Scotland in May when my two daughters and I visited the Isle of Skye, Glasgow and Edinburgh. My favourite was seeing the beautiful Prince’s Street Gardens again.

Perhaps you will visit our country some day. There is lots to see!

I will try to remember to hum Happy Birthday while I brush my teeth or wash my hands.

Thank you!

Thanks for the interesting story Amelia!

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