Toe-tally cool wrestling!


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This wrestling is so cool!You just have to … use your toes .Alan Nash is the world champion toe wresterler there is a boy champion a girl champion and even a … junior champ little Rubie . Alan has the most famous and feared toes in the world and taken out 14 toes .The show is no in New Zeland  to south career and even Hollywood.There i lots of training to do which all stars at home.Alan trains all year and is still a champion but Alan is not good at any sport but this hes is the CHAMP.

If you start it you need to do this most important  thing first wash your feet!.But if you don’t you might KILL someone with the pong of your feet.If you train so much you will make your toes will be very  STRONG.IF you decide to do this have fun but be careful

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? Why did you write about this?
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