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Jojo siwa and bows

How did the bows get started

Jojo saw that people at school were wearing bows and they got bigger,better and sparklier . So she started wearing bows and people started calling her jojo with the bowbow . Jojo said that wearing a bow gives you power confidence believing  in magic.


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This is interesting

+ Good information.
? What does it mean believing in magic.
-> Next time I think you could do more information.

+Immie thats good!
=>i think you could improve it by doing more information
?were do you get the jojo bows from? i forgot…

the second name is supose to be a CAP-ITAL

+ imme thats nice
->next time could you add somemore info
?how hard was it for you to find it

+Wow you used great adjectives.
?What type of bows are there.
>You could improve to write a bit more?

My sister Holly loves JoJoSiwa

I accedentaly clicked the wrong button it was this one –

Hi Imogen I really like Jojo Siwa and her bows

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