Is sneezing a way to cummunicate?


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Now maybe, you might be thinking, “This girl is crazy! You can’t sneeze to communicate!” WAIT! just before you leave my post, did you know that African dogs actually COMMUNICATE by SNEEZING? Maybe you did, or maybe you didn’t. Here, I’ll tell you some things that scientists think about these African dogs that communicate by sneezing:

Now, now, don’t get too exited! I haven’t  said it’s true. Scientists just THINK that’s exactly what the African dogs do. Scientists have studied the animals and found that the African dogs sneeze choose what the pack wants to do. I think it’s true, I even caught video proof of it, but it can be fake!


Comment if YOU think it’s true or not! 🙂


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+How do you find such good facts
?Do you like to sneez?
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So, what do you guys think? Do you think the African dogs communicate by sneezing?

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