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Thank you for visiting our class blog. If you are reading this, please take a minute to leave a quick comment saying who and where you are. Each comment left will be shown to the class this morning. A strong sense of audience is a key aspect of generating the best possible writing. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon!

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Hello, Yr.5!

This is Mrs Skinner in Bristol.
I hope once you get up & running with your blog that you will join 100 Word Challenge where you can share your blog and writing with the whole world. It is here 100wc.net and completely free. I’m sure your teacher can find me on Twitter too – @theheadsoffice.

Thanks for the speedy response and visit to our blog sites. Having worked with Deputy Dave (Mitchell) I am a great believer in the power of blogging and the children are enjoying the start of their blog journey! I’ll be looking at 100 word challenge over the weekend to add to our armoury!

I hope so too!

Good to see you have launched your class blog for the year already and you are blogging about Lego! Awesome! Who is putting the new Millennium Falcon Legi kit on their Christmas list this year? I am. How about posting some pictures of your best Lego models on your blog?

Hi from Vietnam Year 5 πŸ‡»πŸ‡³
Keep on posting!

Your from Vietnam right.

I’ve been busy baking cup cakes for Mr G and Oliver!

Hi – thanks for posting your blog. It’s great to see what you’re all up to.
We’ve had a brilliant day today with loads of cakes in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care. Do you support any charities at your school?

Hi there yr 5
So exciting that you are starting a blog. It amazes me how quickly we are able to spread news these days. Hope you enjoy your blogging and that Mr Gaskell is still the amazing teacher he was when I was your age!

Reading this in Narita Airport in Tokyo, heading home to Hong Kong.

Hi Year 5πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
I’m Gillian and live in Glasgow.
Think your blog is a great idea. We didn’t have computers in my school until the year I left 😳
Have fun with itπŸ˜‰

Great to see you are doing a blog year 5,
I live in Gloucester, we used to live on Brownsover my daughter used to be in Mr G class shes now in year 13!
Sonya Newton

Hi Year 5
On a sunny holiday while you’re busy working in cold rainy Rugby.

Hi Year 5!!
I am writing from Germantown, MD in the USA. I am about 40 minutes from Washington DC. I went to high school with Magdalene Parmenter. Hope you are all having a great school year.

Hello class! My name is Michelle and I am a friend of Emmi’s Mom. I live in California and I think what you are doing is great!
Have a wonderful week πŸ˜€
Emmi, give your Mom a hug from me πŸ’™


Yeah Hi EVERYBODY. This is amazing to see how many flag we are getting and who is visiting and commenting but it is even more exciting to be posting. It feels so excited. Thank you for visiting and commenting those that have year 5 are so exicited to have you visiting. Make sure you tell a friend after visiting this site and make sure they look and enjoy. Write a comment!

Hello people!

If you want to know I am in 5 Eliot and I go to this school and really fun, you should really come here to this school!

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